License and insurance

HTKD 0386-matsi naisetLicense

Each student must have a license of the Finnish Taekwondo Federation. With the license you are allowed to attend competitions, national seminars and training camps and you will get Taekwondo Magazine to home.

The license is different for children, teenagers and adults. Permission to attend competitions is included in all licenses. The license also may include an insurance.

The license is purchased through the Finnish Taekwondo Federation and the price is different depending on the age of the taekwondoin. Buy the license here.

HTKD 0515-hymytyttöInsurance

The training fee or class fees don't include an insurance for sport accidents. We warmly recommend you to purchase insurance included into to license of the Finnish Taekwondo Federation or to contact your own insurance company to ensure the coverage of your personal insurance. Insurance is compulsory if you attend competitions.

Only stupid train without insurance! 
Buy the license here.