Training equipment

HTKD 0562 pukuHelsinki Taekwondo Club offers affordable protective gear and clothing to it's members.

For a safe training environment all people who train at Helsinki Taekwondo Club must have protective gear with them in all training sessions once they have completed the beginners' course.

The necessary protective gear includes the following:

  • Arm guard
  • Shin- and instep guard (together or apart, as long as both exist)
  • Groin guard (cup)
  • Mouthpiece (tooth guard)

The protective gear should be the correct size and intact. Any gear bought for a growing child will probably be outgrown within a year or two. The protective gear also wears out and can break during practice, after which their protective qualities are no longer sufficient.

In the right size suit the pant leg will reach the ankle and the sleeves will reach the wrists.

How to buy?

The suit prices start from 30 € for children, depending on the quality. A combination of necessary protective gear is about 90 €. Find out which guards you may need and preferably also the sizes. You may also order individual guards, e.g only arm protectors and discuss their payment and the order with our equipment sales chief Maria Kirjavainen.

When Maria has confirmed the order and the price, you may pay your order.

The payment information

Recipient: Nordic Tigers Oy
Bank account: IBAN FI95 1228 3000 0004 95
Reference number: RF9557532

The receipt of the payment can be sent to Maria by email or brought as a print-out to the training hall. The order can be collected after presenting the receipt.

For further information, contact Maria Kirjavainen, maria(at)