This is Taekwondo

Taekwondo can be translated into "the way of the foot and the fist". The movements used are easy and fast to learn because they are derived from motions natural to the body.HTKD 0525 kirvespotku

Being athletic to begin with will make it faster for you to advance. However, this isn't a prerequisite, as practicing will quickly improve your coordination and the control you have over your body. Even people who have no athletic background whatsoever can begin training and thrive. Taekwondo is especially efficient at developing your lower body's motility and will challenge each one of us to reach our prime potential.

Taekwondo is characterised by impressive kicks to various heights, combined with a relaxed and distance-conscious movement style. Taekwondo is set apart from other martial arts by the rotating and spinning back kicks as well as powerful kick combinations. Due to the emphasis on kicks and jumps in Taekwondo, it is recommended that people who have problems with their back or knees or are considerably overweight should consult a physician first. Apart from these few restrictions, anyone can start Taekwondo regardless of age, sex or physical size.

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HTKD 0177 modeumbal vasenIn our club about 50% of the practice focus to various kicking techniques and practices and sparring. Approximately 25% is self defence, including self defence techniques and how to fight when all rules are thrown out of the window. The rest of the schedule is populated by various basic techniques and forms. 

Along with technical training we do a great deal of core exercises to strengthen the core muscles and keep the heart rate high. Physically training is versatile, sweaty and exhausting.


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 We always consider each individual's physical attributes, age and sex during training. Each person is treated as an individual, which means that only skill is considered when advancing. About half of our members are female.

The physical side of Taekwondo is only one of it's attributes. Taekwondo also develops a person's patience, self-control, tolerance and teaches grace under pressure. Taekwondo is perfect for someone who feels insecure or needs a way to channel their energy in a more productive way. Through the years we have seen many spectacular growth stories of a person has blossomed into a confident, tolerant and athletic model citizen.


Along with all the above, our club has a strong community spirit. You will make friends here that will last you a lifetime. Training in Helsinki Taekwondo Club is always fun!HTKD 0281-vatsaveto