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HTKD 0069-EditFor many women, and also men, the ability to defend oneself is the driving force behind starting a martial art. However, it is a false assumption to think that a self defense course or a kick boxing class will turn a tiny 50kg and 160cm tall woman or a slender man into a killing machine who can mow over any attacker.

The raw truth about close combat is that in most cases the winning combination is size, mass and strength. To fight against that, it is important to keep your attitude controlled, have a strong will to win, initiative and the ability to use skills and techniques that are efficient for you.

There are three main distances in non-weapon combat: kicking, hitting and grabbing. Even though the kicking distance is the most natural defense distance in taekwondo, we do emphasize the importance of mastering the other distances as well. The more advanced trainees have various hitting and floor techniques, which differentiates our club from yhose taekwondo clubs, who rely almost entirely on pure kicking techniques.

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In Helsinki Taekwondo Club we teach how to face various aggressive situations prepared with realistic techniques. We want all the black belts who gain their belts with us to be able to properly defend themselves in various situations. Our self defense techniques have been chosen so that they employ fundamentals of taekwondo techniques, movements and tactics. However, self defense techniques are somewhat similar in all martial arts, and some of our ideas have been borrowed from other combat systems.

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When preparing for menacing situations, it is important to remember that each situation and opponent is different and all people are individuals. In real self defense situations there are no rules. One technique may fit one and another may need a different one. After learning the basics, it is important to focus on the best individual ways for defending oneself and develop the technical aspects related to them. Tricks and tips can be learned from courses and books, but it is a completely different matter to be able to use them in a high-stress situation. A strong confidence in your abilities to defend yourself can only be found through training and success. A black belt in taekwondo is a big deal. You can't walk over these men and women in the dojang - or in real life.