Training in our club is always fun!

In Helsinki Taekwondo Club, children practice Taekwondo in three different groups according to their age. Groups are divided so that children from 4 to 6 years practice in one group, 7 to 9 years practice in another group and the third group is for those of ages from 10 to 13. Those who have reached the age of 14, primarily train with the adults. This division is based on the fact that physical skills and learning abilities are on different levels with children of different age. The division ensures that we can offer each child the kind of training that fits their capabilities. Based on individual assessment, children can be transferred to other groups.HTKD 0452 lapsiryhmä

All aspects of Taekwondo are part of the children's training. In addition to kicking and hand techniques, Poomsae is also practiced. Poomsae is an excellent way to measure a child's concentration skills. With children, we also do exercises that develop motor skills and body control and thus support the learning of taekwondo techniques. Different exercises and sparring done with a partner is often considered as the best part of the training by participants. Anyone willing to try competing in Poomsae or Kyorugi has a possibility to do so in a safe way.

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Training in the children's groups is fun, but it is not a game. We expect the children to concentrate on the exercises, and to follow the instructions given. Respect, good manners and thoughtfulness are the basic values of our training. However, it's not the job of Helsinki Taekwondo Club to raise the child. That's the responsibility of the parents.  Nonetheless, people do grow for years or even tens of years while training with us. Many consider our dojang as a second home that has had a life-changing effect on them. One of the goals of our training is good life. 

Child can train together with a parent

For the younger children, we recommend starting of Taekwondo together with a parent. When starting together, the parent practices in the same group with the child and can thus support him/her both during the classes and at home. When the skills and the self-confidence of the child develops, the parent may continue training in the adults' group.

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Training in Helsinki Taekwondo Club gives both boys and girls a natural basis for athletic development. We always train together respecting the age, size, gender and personality of others. In Helsinki Taekwondo Club, everyone measures their skill against themselves; though competing against other students provides nice extra spice to it. Training with us supports young people's growth to a tolerant and considerate person.

Enroll to the junior groups

The beginners' courses for children from 7 to 13 years are held in five places. In Alppila, Laajasalo, Latokartano and Pihlajamäki the trainings are once a week and in Sörnäinen twice a week. The course lasts about 16 trainings. After the beginners' course the training continues in an advanced course which lasts 16 trainings. Children from 4 to 6 years practice in Sörnäinen on Sundays. A parent can start taekwondo in the same group with his/her child.

In spring 2014 the courses begin in January on week 2 (all places) and in March (Sörnäinen).

More information and enrollment to the beginners' courses in this link

Only normal exercise clothing is needed in the beginning and no shoes are used. At some point during the course, the taekwondo uniform dobok is purchased. The price of the dobok is relative to its quality, and starts from EUR40. After the beginners' course children normally practice twice a week and the most active ones three times a week.

Enroll to the beginners' course

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The schedule for the children's training times are on the training page and prices on the payment page. Please, familiarize yourself with our Code of Conduct before beginning training.

Additional info:

Head of Youth
Simo Siltanen
0400 605 951

The main instructor of the junior groups
Kim Rejman
050 522 3178

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