Training rules for children

In addition to our Code of Conduct there are some rules to be obeyd in the childrens' training groups. The rules must be followed by childrenm their parents and the instructors as well. The purpose of the rules is to create a safe and comfortable training atmosphere in the dojang so that everyone feels wellcomed to attend the training. Please contact the instructor if you notice any break of these rules.

Rules for children

  • I focus on training and do what instructors ask.
  • I always ask instructor if I don't know what to do.
  • I do not bully.
  • I don't disturb the training of the others.
  • I am fair to my fellows.
  • I don't leave the dojang or the tatami without permission.
  • I use my Taekwondo skills only in dojang.

Rules for parents and other adults

  • We don't smoke nearby children.
  • All clubs' events with children are non-alcoholic.

We support children to follow these rules and our Code of Conduct.