Code of Conduct

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One of the main goals of taekwondo is to help one grow as a person. This growth is characterized by good manners, respect for others and following the common rules. For example, at the dojang (the training hall) we bow according to Korean traditions. Bowing may mean "hello", "goodbye" or "thank you" depending on the situation.

The basic rules of the Helsinki Taekwondo Club dojang are:

  • The Dojang is a training place, be serious in your training and let others train in peace
  • Be tolerant with your fellow trainees and do your best to help others reach their highest potential
  • It is the duty of higher belt trainees to lead by example
  • The commands of the instructors are obeyed and respected
  • There is no cussing at the dojang, nor is smoking in front of the dojang acceptable
  • The skills learned in Taekwondo shall not be misused
  • We have a zero-tolerance for bullying.

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For the basic safety and general comfort, also the following rules should also be respected and followed:

  • Be on time. If you are late, ask the instructor for permission before joining the group
  • Your training clothes should be clean and in good condition. The Dobok should be washed after each training session
  • Feet are always washed and dried before entering the training area. The same goes for dirty hands.
  • Finger and toenails should be kept short
  • Since we are in close contact with each other during the training sessions, one must take good care of personal hygiene
  • Jewelry should be removed if not covered by clothing (ear rings, necklaces, piercings etc). If a piercing cannot be removed, it should be protected with tape.
  • If you have an illness or other reason for using footwear during practice, discuss with the instructor first
  • Personal protective gear should be brought to all training sessions (including boxing gloves for the higher belt group). Protective gear can be bought through the club
  • Everyone is obligated to take part in cleaning the dojang after training.